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Welcome to our docs!

At re_data we are helping data teams (and theirs users!) to keep data reliable. We believe open-source is quite often the right answer for data apps and that's why we wrote re_data dbt native library for data reliability, in line with that we also run re_cloud which helps collobarate on data issues found in a different open-source apps.


re_data is an open-source data reliability framework build for modern data stack.

re_data focuses on observing the dbt project and lets you:

  • get alerts about bad data
  • compute data quality metrics
  • write your own data asserts
  • and more 😊

To start with re_data go to introduction 🚀

Check out our live demo of what re_data can do for you! 😊



re_cloud allows you to very easily host and collaborate on data reports from different data tools. Some we are currently supporting are:

  • dbt docs
  • great_expectations
  • pandas_profiling
  • re_data 😊
  • jupyter notebooks
  • custom htmls reports

Why do I need it?

Data tools are great, but the way to share outputs produced by them with your team is harder than it could be. With re_cloud, using one line of code like:

re_cloud upload dbt-docs

You can make dbt docs available to your team.

We think of re_cloud as a control center for you data. We wrote a simple re_cloud library (available as a python library) to upload supported reports to the cloud.

To start with a cloud you can create a free account here 😊 or check our introduction docs for more information on it.