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re_data run CLI command is a helper command for computing & backfilling re_data reliability data.


re_data run --start-date 2021-01-01 --end-date 2021-01-30 --interval days:1

Running this command will create/fill re_data specific models with reliability data.

  • Supported argments:
    • start-date (default: today - 7 days) - start date of period for which you generate data
    • end-date (default: today) - end date of period for which you generate data
    • full-refresh - If specified re_data runs first dbt run with --full-refresh option cleaning all previously gathered profiling information.
    • interval (default: days:1) - basic time grain for the overview, supported values - days, hours, example: days:7, hours:1.
    • re-data-target-dir - directory store alerts generated by re_data. Defaults to the 'target-path' used in dbt_project.yml.
    • dbt-vars - This accepts a valid YAML dictionary as string which is passed down to the dbt command using --vars.
  • Dbt supported arguments:
    • profile - Which profile to load. Overrides setting in dbt_project.yml.
    • target - Which target to load for the given profile.
    • project-dir - Which directory to look in for the dbt_project.yml file. Default is the current working directory and its parents.
    • profiles-dir - Which directory to look in for the profiles.yml file. Default = ~/.dbt.