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dbt docs


Dbt docs help you share documentation about your data with your team and other shareholderes in the company.

You can generate dbt docs from your dbt project. Dbt allows you also to add descriptions to each of the tables, columns, macros.

Below example of how generated documentation looks like:


More information on generating dbt docs is available on dbt pages

Uploading to re_cloud

In order to effectively work with dbt docs it's crucial to share it with other people in the company. re_cloud makes it super easy. The simplest way to do it is to run commands below in your dbt project:

dbt docs generate
re_cloud upload dbt-docs

re_cloud command

Below we show all the currently supported options on how you can upload dbt-docs to re_cloud

re_cloud upload dbt-docs --name TEXT --project-dir TEXT

--project-dir TEXT Which directory to look in for the dbt_project.yml file.
Default is the current working directory and its parents
--name TEXT Name of the upload used for identification

You don't need to pass project-dir paramter if calling this command from witin dbt main directory. Otherwise pass project-dir to upload generated docs from this directory.

Next steps

If you would like to jump into uploading data you can create your free account here 😊 if you have more questions for us: don't be reluctant to join our Slack! 😊