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Great expectations let's you test & document your data. It supports many computation backends from pandas, spark to databases like snowflake.

On some level great-expectations competes with dbt test functionality.

One cool feature of great-expectations is ability to generate data docs which describe your data & tests run.


Uploading to re_cloud

Great-expectations data docs, are most usefull when shared with others. That's why we made is easily possible to send them to re_cloud and collobarote on the results with other people.

To upload great_expectations docs to re_cloud cd to you GE folder with data docs generated and run upload command:

re_cloud upload great-expectations

re_cloud command

Below we show all the currently supported options on how you can upload great-expectations to re_cloud

re_cloud upload great-expectations --name TEXT

--name TEXT Name of the upload used for identification

Next steps

If you would like to jump into uploading data you can create your free account here 😊 if you have more questions for us: don't be reluctant to join our Slack! 😊