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re_data let's you track data in your dbt project. Check out our docs for more detailed overview of re_data here

One of the main features of re_data is ability to product overview of your data. It's a great way to share information about your data with other people in the company.


Uploading to re_cloud

to send re_data to re_cloud, first generate re_data overview and then upload it to re_cloud with a single command.

re_data overview generate
re_cloud upload re-data

Below we show all the currently supported options on how you can upload re-data to re_cloud

re_cloud upload re-data --name TEXT --project-dir TEXT --re-data-target-dir TEXT

--channel-name-or-id TEXT The slack channel name to send the report
uploaded message if a slack account is connected
to the re_cloud account. It could be a channel
name, channel id or member id.
--name TEXT Name of the upload used for identification
--config-dir TEXT Path to the directory containing re_data.yml
config file
--project-dir TEXT Which directory to look in for the
dbt_project.yml file. Default is the current
working directory and its parents
--re-data-target-dir TEXT Which directory to store artefacts generated by
re_data Defaults to the 'target-path' used in
--help Show this message and exit.

If you are inside dbt project dir and didn't changed default target directory for docs and re_data both project-dir and re-data-target-dir are optional.

Next steps

If you would like to jump into uploading data you can create your free account here 😊 if you have more questions for us: don't be reluctant to join our Slack! 😊